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Your clients and caregivers deserve to speak to a person, not a machine, when they need assistance. Using All City Communications ensures that every call is answered day or night by a real person on the other end of the phone who will treat them with respect and courtesy. We understand and appreciate the fact that your calls should be handled accurately, quickly and without any issues, leaving your clients and potential clients with a positive impression of your services which is extremely important in your highly competitive industry. 

Home Healthcare & Hospice

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Chase Zajac-Elsbecker

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The Benefits of Using All City Communications

  • Immediate Response to Emergency Calls: We can deliver your messages immediately via text or email or alert to your on-call staff based on the urgency of the call and relay the important details. Our operators can even connect you with the caregiver or client directly. All messages can also be reviewed instantly on your assigned web portal.
  • Professional Scripting: Our agents will respond to each call with a specialized greeting you create, impeccably representing your company. Current and prospective clients will be impressed with your commitment to providing them with compassionate and efficient service.
  • 24 Hour Coverage: Emergencies in your industry don’t stick to regular business hours, so neither can your call coverage. Our around the clock team, trained to understand the urgency of the caregiver or client’s needs will ensure that we obtain the information you need and that your callers are well taken care of. 

Let Us Give You Peace of Mind

After Hours

Messages will be sent immediately via text, email or other preferred methods you choose.

Lead Capture

Missed calls are missed opportunities. We make sure you never miss an opportunity to bring on a new customer by answering every call quickly with a live, helpful representative.

Focus On Your Business

When you let us focus on your inbound calls, it allows you time to focus on your business and focus on your priorities.

No More Voicemail

No one likes voicemail anymore. Most people don't even leave voicemails. When every call is answered with a live voice, relationships are built, and your customers feel that they are in good hands.

Instant Delivery of Your Messages

Your messages will be emailed and texted instantly after our operators finish taking your customers information.

Enjoy Your Freedom

If you are out of the office, don't worry we've got your calls. All of your messages will be delivered to you immediately. It doesn't matter where you are, we will always keep you in the loop.