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About Us

Since 1979 All City Communications has been providing our customers with reliable, affordable, and professional business support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We provide business support to a variety of clients and businesses.


We offer a wide variety of specialized services to meet your specific business needs. A few of our more popular services include: 24 hour live telephone answering, call scripting, call recording, reporting and patching. 

Industries Served

All City Communications provides business support for a variety of industries throughout the United States. These industries include Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Property Management, Restoration and Healthcare.  

Our Services Include

24 Hour Live Operator

All City Communication believes that a live operator responding to your customer’s calls immediately and without a recorded greeting provides superior customer service and a positive experience.

Custom Scripting

We will develop a custom script that our operators will use to get the information you want from your callers. We can be as detailed as you would like on every call ensuring that the information you receive is accurate and beneficial. Customized scripting allows us to provide personalized services in a uniform and consistent manner. 

Web Portal

At All City Communications we empower our customers to be in charge. One of our features is a customizable web portal that allows our customers to change their on call schedule, ensuring that the right person is always able to receive important messages as they come in. The portal also allows our customers to listen to every call taken on your behalf at any time 24/7. 

Message Delivery

You select the most efficient way you want your messages to be delivered. Texting, emailing, patching, paging or faxing are just some of the methods for delivering your messages. We will customize the delivery of your messages to meet your needs.

Call Recording

Every call we receive or dispatch is recorded. We pride ourselves on our service; if you want to hear a call at any time we can send that call to you. Call recording not only provides you with transparency on how we are servicing your customers, it also can help you manage your on call staff.

Call Reporting

Call Reports are another tool for you to manage your account. We can provide you with reporting detailing how each call was handled, detailed billing, or a report that is customized to meet your needs. 

Account Review

We’ll monitor your account during the first few months of activity to make sure that the minute package initially selected is the most economical for you. An assigned customer service representative will assist you in keeping your account information current and provide you with information on upgrades or new services that may be beneficial to you. 

What we can do for you

  • Build trust with your customer base by having our professional and knowledgeable team available to them 24/7;
  • Focus your time on more profitable activities while All City Communications operators handle basis questions; and
  • Increase opportunities from your current and new customers by generating leads after hours and on holidays. 

Industries Served

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